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Wednesday, 08 August 2018 00:00

Will the United States Change Its Policy to Iran?

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The President of the United States once again took a decision without paying attention to the views of his allies. Donald Trump has confirmed that the United States will continue to impose sanctions on Iran. To any government that trade with Iran, the United States will break its trade relations. In his statement, Tuesday (7 August 2018), in Washington, Trump stressed that various sanctions would be imposed on Tehran, one of which was Iranian oil exports. The US imposition of various sanctions for Iran, following the withdrawing from the Comprehensive Action Plan which is also referred to as the Iran nuclear agreement, was launched earlier in 2018. The agreement began to be discussed during Barack Obama's reign. Over the deal, Iran has taken steps toward nuclear restrictions. Nevertheless Donald Trump, assessed the Obama era's Washington policy as having benefited Iran unilaterally. On the statement of Donald Trump who stressed the imposition of sanctions on his country, Iranian President Hasan Rouhani called it a psychological war. The Iranian president said that Trump's move was intended to spread the seeds of division among the Iranian people. Are allies of the United States unaware of Donald Trump's decision to give more sanctions to Iran? As many international mass media reported, Washington's allies disagreed with the decision. The European Union, for example, will continue to implement the initial agreement pioneered by President Barack Obama. The European Union argued that its opposition to Washington's decision was to protect companies in the country that have business relations with Tehran. The question then is, who will keep the nuclear agreement with Iran, or will the allies join tyhe US in boycotting Iran? Only time will show. Nevertheless, it is interesting to take a note of Donald Trump's statement along with the decision to impose stricter sanctions on Iran. Trump said he remains open to reach a more comprehensive agreement with Iran.

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