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Friday, 10 August 2018 12:23

Conflict in Canadian-Saudi Arabia Relations

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At present, the status on social media can also be a problem in the relations between two countries. As happened when the Canadian Foreign Minister, Chrystia Freeland last week voiced her concern through social media about the detention of Saudi women activist, Samar Badawi. Following the statement, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia recalled its Ambassador in Canada and expelled the Canadian Ambassador from Riyadh. Several other actions were carried out by the kingdom. It has called back some students studying in Canada, forbidding Saudis from going to the country and stopping Saudi flight services to Canada. The Saudis insist that they will not allow other countries to interfere in their internal affairs. Saudi actions are supported by neighboring countries in the region such as Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Palestine. The United States, which is close to both of them, until now has not clearly supported one of them. If with Canada, the United States has a relationship within the NATO framework. With Saudi Arabia, there is a close bilateral forum that binds the two countries. At present, the relationship between US President Donald Trump and the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau is not very good. Whereas with Saudi Arabia, President Trump has been known to provide more space to share communication. The first country President Trump visited after becoming president was Saudi Arabia. In March this year, the US also received the visit of Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau apologized for the status updates on social media that have heated up Canada's relations with Saudi Arabia. There are efforts to improve the worsening relationship. Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland also made contacts with the Saudi Foreign Minister, Adel al Jubeir. It seems that this problem will be resolved by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Canada. Hopefully, the relations between the two countries will be good again immediately. The settlement can be done directly by the two countries or other countries can make mediation. So, the Middle East region, which has been hit by various conflicts, will not have another problem.

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