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Mosaic of Indonesia

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Thousands of people around Prambanan crowded the yard of Kebondalem Lor Village in order to witness the “Gerobak Sapi” or the Cow Carriage Festival in Plaosan Temple Complex, Prambanan, Klaten, Central Java on Sunday, August the 5th 2018. On the occasion, Regent of Klaten, Sri Mulyani expressed her appreciation towards the establishment of the Cow Carriage Festival and expected the event could expand the number of tourists, considering Prambanan has the potential as temple of tourism.

Regent Sri Mulyani also called for the Culture, Tourism, Youth, and Sports Department of Klaten to facilitate villages which are going to hold the events for regency level. Meanwhile, Chief Committee of the Cow Carriage Festival, Suhardi, mentioned that the Cow Carriage Festival that was followed by 115 participants from Central Java, and the Special Region of Yogyakarta was carried out the in a bid to commemorate the 214th Anniversary of Klaten Regency and the 73rd Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia. According to Suhardi who also serves as head of the Prambanan Sub-district, one of the purposes of conducting the festival is to preserve the cultural heritage namely the traditional transportations which are under the threat of extinction. The Cow Carriage Festival is also aimed at promoting tourism destinations in the surrounding of Prambanan since the sub-district of Prambanan has abundant “tourism villages”. Therefore, tourism villages can develop Music

Medical Team of the Dr. Suharso Orthopedical Hospital Surakarta that joined the first team leaved for the location of the earthquake in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara on Wednesday, August the 8th 2018. The departure of the team, consisting of orthopedic specialists, surgical nurses, anaesthetic nurses, and the medical rehabilitation team, will carry out orthopedic surgery for the victims of the quake. Medical and Nursery Director of the Surakarta Orthopedic Hospital, dr. Romaniyanto SpOT(K) on his press release at the hospital explained that currently there are 300 victims of the earthquake who require surgical treatment. The hospital scheduled three teams that will work in three shifts . Each of the team will work for 5 days in the location of the quake. According to dr. Romaniyanto SpOT (K), the first team will conduct mapping in order to ensure the availability of antibiotics, and implant for bone grafting. Then, the second team will depart to the location. Doctor Romaniyanto also explained that his party has prepared 25 packages of scrubs and implant or bone grafters for two hundred patients. The surgery will be conducted at the Regional General Hospital of Mataram which currently has prepared 8 surgical wards.

Mayor of Banda Aceh, Aminullah Usman, inaugurated the 7th Cultural Week Parade of Aceh in the Blang Padang Yard on Sunday, August the 6th 2018. The parade was followed by contingents of the Aceh Cultural Week from 23 regencies/cities across Aceh, including several traditional and cultural communities and other sympathizers. The route taken by the participants of the parade after their starting point from the Blang Padang Yard, include the Tsunami Museum, The Hall of Aceh Governor, the Museum of Aceh, the Military District Command Interchange, Baiturrahman Mosque, and the finish line will be back to the Blang Padang Yard. The cultural parade was welcomed by citizens enthusiastically. Citizens stood on the sidewalks along the route taken by the participants of the parade. Mayor Aminullah hoped the cultural parade will make people aware of their cultural heritage richness, history, traditions, and the culinary of Aceh. This diversity has brought Aceh in unity since a long time ago. Moreover, the event is also a platform to introduce Aceh to the international word.

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