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Tuesday, 27 December 2022 12:49

Indonesia to receive an additional 50 quota scholarships from Al Azhar Egypt, totalling to 250

Written by  Rahma
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Indonesia will receive an additional scholarship quota for Indonesian students from Al Azhar, Egypt after Minister of Religious Affairs, Yaqut Cholil Qoumas held a meeting with Grand Sheikh Al Azhar (GSA), Prof. Dr. Ahmed Al Tayeb. As quoted by Antara, Minister Yaqut Cholil Qoumas in a written statement  in Jakarta on Thursday (22/12) pointed out  that his side expressed hope for an increase in the scholarship quota and Sheikh Ahmed Al Tayeb responded to it well. Minister  Yaqut's arrival to Egypt is strengthening cooperation between the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Al Azhar University, Egypt regarding strengthening synergies in the field of education.


During the meeting, Sheikh Ahmed Al Tayeb  conveyed that his side would increase the scholarship quota from 200 to 250 students.   He further said that his side has great respect for Indonesian children who are noble, polite, friendly and diligent  and  they have a high interest and motivation towards education. Apart from the question of increasing the scholarship quota for Indonesian students, Minister Yaqut has also submitted a request for the dormitory that was used as an isolation place for Covid-19 sufferers to function again as a student dormitory.


In response to this,  Grand Sheikh explained that the place would indeed be reactivated as a student dormitory, particularly  for those who received Al Azhar scholarships through the Ministry of Religious Affairs’ route. Grand Sheikh also conveyed that his side is very enthusiastic about giving attention to Indonesian students. He hopes that the Indonesian embassy in Egypt can work together with Al Azhar to pay attention to students.  He asked the Embassy to accompany them in increasing scientific, social, religious and cultural activities.

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