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Tuesday, 27 December 2022 12:54

Indonesian products showcased again at the Hong Kong Brands and Products Exhibition

Written by  Rahma
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Indonesian products are displayed again at the big exhibition "Hong Kong Brands and Products Exhibition" in Victoria Park from 9 December 2022 to 1 January 2023. The Indonesian Consulate General in Hong Kong is collaborating with a company, the largest distributor of Indonesian products in Hong Kong and an Indonesian company that sells Indonesian products in Hong Kong.

The Indonesian Consul General in Hong Kong, Ricky Suhendar expressed his appreciation to the two companies for their contribution and role in introducing Indonesian products in Hong Kong. The products being promoted are packaged food and beverage products that suit market needs and the interests of the local Hong Kong community. Some of the products exhibited on this occasion include various variants of instant noodle products, coconut milk, chips, biscuits, candies, packaged drinks, cooking spices, and other daily necessities.

The Hong Kong Brands and Products Exhibition was officially opened by the Minister of Finance of Hong Kong, Paul Chan accompanied by the Consul Generals of ASEAN countries.

The Hong Kong Brands and Products Exhibition is one of the oldest and largest expos in Hong Kong and has been held every year since 1938. The committee estimates that the number of visitors this year will reach 1 million people or almost close to pre-pandemic times. For 2022, there will be around 860 booths promoting various superior products from Hong Kong and friendly countries. This participation is in line with the Indonesian Government's efforts to increase the penetration of Indonesian products, especially the non-oil and gas sector, namely the food and beverage sector which is included in the 5 (five) priority sectors in the Hong Kong region.

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