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Tuesday, 03 January 2023 11:54

Poland explores collaboration opportunities with East Kalimantan

Written by  Rahma
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Poland probes to collaborate in the sectors of energy, environment, trade, tourism, and education with the government of East Kalimantan.

Deputy Head of Mission Embassy of Poland, Piotr Firlus has conducted a meeting with the Secretary of East Kalimantan Government, Sri Wahyuni in Samarindarecently.

Mr. Piotr Firlus is hoping that his very first visit to East Kalimantan could produce a decent collaboration between Poland and East Kalimantan.

In his official statement, Piotr Firlus stated that there are possible collaboration opportunities in various sectors,such energy, environment, trade, health, tourism, and education.

Piotr claimedthat East Kalimantan has been one of the largest coal-producing provinces in Indonesia and a coal supplier for Eastern European nations. He is expecting a more intense collaboration between both parties in the field of information technology;one of which is in the form of a scholarship program in East Kalimantan.

In the meantime, Sri Wahyuniresponded positivelyto the offer.Therefore, she also conveyedanother existing business and investment opportunity in other fields. Furthermore, her side will also sendsomeinformation about tourism, conservation of orangutans and sun bears, as well as underwater activities in hope that travel agencies in Poland could introduce the potentialof East Kalimantan.

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