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Tuesday, 03 January 2023 12:04

Indonesian Embassy in Astana celebrates 30th anniversary of Indonesia-Kazakhstan diplomatic relations

Written by  Rahma
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The new year 2023 becomes a moment for the Indonesian Embassy in Astana to welcome the 30th anniversary of Indonesia-Kazakhstan diplomatic relations.


Indonesian Ambassador to Kazakhstan and Tajikistan, Fadjroel Rachman said that for the next one year, the activity of the Indonesian Embassy in Astana will be related to the diplomatic relations celebration.


Amid the New Year's Eve party joined by Indonesian citizens in Astana, Ambassador Fajdroel said that the embassy's vision in the diplomatic relations' 30th anniversary was bringing forward the service, innovation, and collaboration. Then, he invited those in Indonesia and Kazakhstan to join in implementing the diplomatic vision both in Kazakhstan and Tajikistan.


One of the collaborations is the logo for the 30th anniversary as designed by Akhri Jetendra Djachrir. This logo symbolizes the 30 years of Indonesia-and-Kazakhstan diplomatic relations. There were Garuda and Samruk joining as one, representing the unity between Indonesia and Kazakhstan. The Garuda and Samruk also mean power and dynamic motion that is ready to soar, representing a spirit of development for both Indonesia and Kazakhstan.


The 30th anniversary of Indonesia-Kazakhstan diplomatic relations was also commemorated with the signing of several MoUs namely between the Nusantara Capital City and Astana, Indonesian Youths & Sports Ministry and Kazakhstan Sports & Culture Ministry, Indonesian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KADIN) and Chamber of Commerce of Kazakhstan (Atameken) as well as Agreement on the Promotion and Protection of Investments and Indonesia-Eurasian Economic Union Free Trade Agreement (I-EAEU FTA).

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