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Friday, 24 August 2018 09:08

Governments of Afghanistan and Taliban to Carry Out Negotiation

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After prolonged conflict and avoidance of direct meeting with the Afghan government, finally with the Russian initiative, the Taliban is willing to carry out negotiation. Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov said that he had invited the Taliban and confirmed that the Taliban will meet with Kabul government in Moscow on September 4. This Russian initiative is aimed to solve not only the problem in Afghanistan, but also as part of Moscow's efforts to protect the interests of its citizens in Afghanistan. However, the presence of the Taliban is not without conditions. The Taliban still wants the United States to attend the meeting. Russia said that in addition to the two conflicting parties, it would also invite China, Pakistan, India, Iran and the United States. The crisis in Afghanistan should have been resolved a long time ago if the Taliban did not insist that they only want to negotiate with the United States. Even today, they are still reluctant to negotiate with the Kabul government. There is a change in attitude from the Taliban.  They complied with the ceasefire proposed by Kabul during Idul Fitri. Last Sunday (August 19, 2018), the Afghan government offered again a ceasefire to the Taliban until the upcoming Prophet's birthday celebration. Now, hope is beginning to arise with the Taliban's willingness to negotiate with the Afghan Government. Currently, the Taliban actually have begun to open themselves with outsiders through their political office in Qatar. Even, Taliban representatives also reportedly met with a senior official of the US Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Alice Wells. Although the meeting was not publicly admitted by the US. The United States argues that there is no resolution to the Afghan problem without involving the Kabul government. Although the planned meeting will take place several days to come, it is a piece of hope for the realization of peace in Afghanistan. Indonesia has also attempted to arrange a meeting for both conflicting parties some time ago. Is it possible that the meeting will take place in Indonesia and continue to Moscow? And finally, both sides will obtain resolution to stop the 17-year conflict and start the reconciliation step. Let’s see and wait next outcome of the meeting in early September.

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