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Monday, 27 August 2018 00:00

The Prideful Achievements of Indonesian Contingents

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Indonesian nation and Asian sports’ enthusiasts are still focusing their attention on the 2018 Asian Games. There are several days left to the end of the 18th Asian Games. A number of countries have obtained half of the 462 gold medals. The People’s Republic of China dominates the achievement of gold medals. Various records have been made during the event. For example, the Japanese swimming team broke a new record at the 2018 Asian Games with 3 minutes 3.54 seconds on the 4x100 meter women’s medley relay category. Weightlifting sports category also engraved another world record at the 2018 Asian Games. Iranian athlete, Sohrab Moradi successfully lifted 189 kilograms defeating the 188 kilograms record made by Greece’s athlete, Akakios Kakiasvilis in 1999. Indonesian people, particularly in Jakarta and Palembang greatly express their attention to Indonesian athletes. Sense of pride is getting sharpened in them. The pride is due to not only the success of hosting a spectacular opening ceremony inviting positive reactions from the international world, but also the achievement of gold medals approaching the targeted number, namely 16 gold medals. Until the 9th day, Sunday (26th of August) Indonesian contingents have contributed 12 gold medals. Muhammad Sejahtera Dwi Putra also won silver medal on the shooting category. This is the first medal received by Indonesia on the shooting category since its last time in 1966. By the achievement of those medals, currently       Indonesia is one the 10 biggest countries at the event. One target has been achieved. The next one is to fulfill the target of 16 gold medals. Should Indonesia be satisfied with the number of the medals it accomplished? Especially, the achievement has surpassed the quantity of medals obtained in 2014. At the 17th Asian Games, Indonesia could only gain 4 gold medals, 5 silver medals, and 11 bronze medals. To strive for better result, one should not be quickly satisfied. Likewise, Indonesian contingents should not be satisfied with their achievements at the 2018 Asian Games. However, at least their efforts and hard work done for the past 4 years have led to progress. Until last night, Indonesia has achieved 12 gold medals, 12 silver medals, and 24 bronze medals. Indonesian contingents have dedicated their best to contribute medals for Indonesia. Moreover, Indonesian contingents received many supports from a lot of parties. Take for example as a tribute to Indonesian athletes, Indonesian Ministry of Youth and Sports attended matches to give support for the athletes. Even, President Joko Widodo also attended several final rounds. The supports will ignite the spirit of Indonesian athletes to compete at the competitions. The progress achieved by Indonesian contingents has encouraged the sense of pride of Indonesian people toward the organizing of the 2018 Asian Games. The success of presenting a remarkable opening ceremony, being an incredible host, and producing outstanding achievements will mark new history for the organizing of the Asian Games. Hopefully, the achievements gained at the 18th Asian Games will encourage Indonesian athletes to foster better achievement in the future. There are still a lot of sport events that Indonesia should participate in such as the 2020 Olympiad. The remarkable achievements at the 2018 Asian Games is expected to motivate Indonesia to be the leader in Asia, just like the record established at the 1962 Asian Games when Indonesia stood on the second place. We hope Indonesian sports will continue to improve better.

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