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Wayang Ringkang

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Wayang or puppet is an Indonesian original art which develops rapidly on Java and Bali Island. The performance is also well known in some regions such as Sumatera and Malayan peninsula, which is influenced by Javanese and Hindu culture. In 2003, UNESCO announced that Wayang has officially entered in the List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO since 2008. In the development, Wayang has some types such as Wayang Kulit, Wayang Golek, Wayang Orang, and many others. In addition to those types, there is also a Wayang Ringkang or art puppet which was popularized in 2007. Wayang Ringkang is contemporary one which is innovation of Wayang Golek. Wayang Ringkang is played by colossal puppeteers who may reach 20-50 puppeteers. The Wayang art also collaborates with Rampak Kendang, Rampak Sekar, dance and  Wayang Orang. To play Wayang Ringkang, it needs Wayang arena or Jagat with the size twice from Jagat on general Wayang arena. In the Wayang Ringkang performance, the main puppeteer will read dialog, while other puppeteers guide Wayang. In the performance, the puppeteer will guide the Wayang while standing. This makes the size of Jagat become bigger than Wayang performance in general. During the performance, Wayang Ringkang is also accompanied by  Gamelan and brought in Sundanese language with communicative style. Although Wayang Ringkang performance is delivered in communicative style, the story is also delivered and it still contains philosophical values of people’s life in the past, present time and in the future. Ki Tantan Sugandi who is the initiator of Wayang Ringkang, hopes that the Wayang art can raise potential of young generation in puppet show. Until now, West Java government has continued to promote Wayang Ringkang. All of them are conducted in order Indonesian traditional art can be preserved from time to time.

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