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Wednesday, 29 August 2018 11:34

Jumog Waterfall, Karanganyar

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The beauty of nature in Central Java does not defeat from other regions in Indonesia. Just say it, Karanganyar, there is waterfall which is quite known, namely Grojogan Sewu. There is also beautiful hidden waterfall, namely Jumog waterfall. Jumog waterfall is often mentioned as hidden heaven in Karanganyar. It is said like that because its location is behind hill which is closed by bush. In the past, the tourism destination was not visited by many tourists. Due to the local people’s awareness, the road to the location can be accessed easily. Thus, Jumog waterfall becomes one of the mainstay tourism destinations, which increases the local people’s income. At Jumog waterfall complex, we can witness a view of green and tall trees which are a perfect blend, including gurgling sound of water that calms the heart when going down 116 stairs until the waterfall. After going down the stairs, around several meters from the waterfall, there is small bridge. The place is spot which is the most right place to enjoy panorama which has height around 30 meters with strong water flow. The swift of waterfall makes the wind  blow strongly. The facility at Jumog waterfall complex is quite complete. At the complex, there are available kids’ play-ground, swimming pool, gazebo, area for taking a rest and restaurant. Around the tourism destination area, there are some residences which usually become home stay. The tariff of the home stay  varies beginning from Rp 50,000 until Rp 250,000 per night. Jumog waterfall is located at Berjo hamlet, Ngargoyoso district, Karanganyar regency, Central Java province. If you want to go to this destination, you can go to Karangpandan terminal. Afterwards, you take the access to Ngargoyoso. From here, there are many directions which will help you heading to Jumog waterfall.

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