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The Dutch Cave, West Java

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West Java Province, particularly Bandung has abundant tourism potentials ranging from culinary, nature, to historical tourism. Not only gifted with picturesque landscape, Bandung is also home to many historical sites; one of them is the Dutch Cave located in the area of Juanda Forest Park. The Dutch Cave is an historical remaining from the Dutch occupation in Indonesia which used to serve as a tunnel for a hydropower plant. During the Dutch occupation, precisely in 1918, the first hydropower plant in Indonesia so-called ‘the Bengkok hydropower plant’ was built. Inside the tunnel of this hydropower plant, there are 15 passageways and several rooms such as bedrooms for the Dutch soldiers to sleep, interrogation room, and detention room. The Dutch Cave is 144 meters long. Besides being functioned for military activities, the Dutch Cave was used as a Dutch radio station established as the center of communication for the Dutch soldiers. The establishment of the radio was done to prevent resistance against the Dutch soldiers. After the independence of Indonesia, the cave was ever utilized as arsenal by Indonesian soldiers. On January the 14th 1985, the Dutch Cave was made as a tourism object and became a tourism destination for both domestic and foreign tourists. To reach the Dutch Cave located at Juanda Forest Park, you can use your own motor vehicles and pay the parking fees Rp 5,000 for motorcycle and Rp 10,000 for car. However, you can also take public transportation to get to Juanda Forest Park located in Dago Pakar. After arriving at the entrance gate of the forest park, you can walk around 1 kilometer to reach the Dutch Cave.

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