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Liang Petang Cave, located in Batu Tering Village, Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara, is 30 km from Sumbawa Besar City. This cave is an adrenaline boosting tourist attraction.The name "Liang Petang" is a combination of "Liang" which means cave or hole and " Petang" which means night or dark. As the name implies, this cave is indeed very dark. The tool that you must carry when you will see the beauty in the cave is a flashlight.In Liang Petang cave there are some interesting things which at the same time store a mystery, because in the cave there are some rooms that until now have not been explored. In this cave there is Batu Mayat or Corpse Stone which according to estimates is a fossilized human body. In addition, there are antique objects such as bale or wooden or bamboo beds, pottery and even looms. There is also a place of hermitage and a spring, still used by people who believe it.Since the floor conditions are slippery by moss and bat droppings, you certainly need a local guide to explore this cave that has a length of 500 meters. The guide will prepare lighting to facilitate your adventure. You will be amazed to see the exotic views of the stalagmites and stalactites in Liang Petang cave, because they are unique and varied. Besides that a flock of flying bats became loyal friends in this cave.To reach Liang Petang cave, you can drive a car ride a motorbike from Batu Tering Village. A view of the Sumbawa savanna is a real treat during the journey to this cave. After that you have to walk through a small but beautiful river called Tiu Sekat which means narrow river due to the fact that this rive which water is green, is flanked by rock cliffs. You would be tempted to plunge into this river to feel the coolness before entering the forest and climbing the hill for about 25 minutes, before finally the Liang Petang Cave welcomes you.If you are an adventurous person and want to test your adrenaline, Liang Petang cave in Sumbawa is a place to visit.


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