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Representatives of Bangladesh's Hajj mission studies the Indonesian Hajj services management to increase knowledge of Hajj matters and improve their services. Representatives of the Bangladesh hajj mission praised the Indonesian Hajj service implementation because they could serve a large number of pilgrims since registration until the pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia. Head of the Medina Working Area Hajj Organizing Committee, Mohammad Khanif in Medina on Saturday (8/9) said the comparative study activity was also a place to exchange ideas about the management of Hajj services to improve service. He explained in the Hajj service system in Bangladesh, the private sector has more roles because the special Hajj quota for the South Asian country is over 100,000, while the regular Hajj is only seven thousand people. Meanwhile Indonesian Hajj quota includes 204 thousand regular hajj service registrants and 17 thousand special hajj service users. Mohammad Khanif added, besides Bangladesh, India also studied the Indonesian hajj services management. He said India uses a lottery system to determine the departure of pilgrims, while Indonesia applies the order system according to the time of registration.

Indonesian Furniture Products participated in Spoga + Gafa Exhibition 2018 which took place from 2 to 4 September in Cologne. Indonesian furniture products attracted many visitors of the exhibition. The exhibition visitors consisted of several large suppliers and retail companies, so this exhibition was a business-to-business promotion event. There were also individual consumers. The Spoga + Gafa exhibition is a leading exhibition in Germany and the world. On that occasion, the Indonesian Consul General to Frankfurt, Toferry P. Soetikno, accompanied by the Indonesian young economic consul and Representative of the German Industrial Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia, visited the exhibition to provide support to the 22 Indonesian companies. He said, the annual exhibition was an excellent opportunity to promote Indonesian furniture products, not only for the German market, but also the world market, considering that buyers came from various countries, both from mainland Europe, America, and even the Middle East.

Indonesian Embassy in collaboration with the Center for Asia Pacific Studies at EAFIT University holds a seminar on business opportunities and business experience with Indonesia at the Indonesian Day event at EAFIT University, Medellin, on Wednesday (5/9). The seminar was held in order to bring relations between the people of Indonesia and Colombia closer, especially in the second largest city in Colombia after Bogota, namely Medellin. About 60 people who attended the morning session of the event came from academics, businessmen, and students who were studying at the main campus of the EAFIT University. The event was opened by the Asia Pacific Study Center Director of the EAFIT University, Professor Adriana Roldan, as well as the Indonesian Ambassador to Bogota, Priyo Iswanto, who made a presentation entitled Indonesia: Diversity and Economic Future. On the occasion Adriana said, Indonesia as a major player in the Asia Pacific region and as one of the largest in the world in the future, deserves more attention, especially from the youth in Colombia.

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