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Tuesday, 23 May 2023 16:58

Legislators Ask for Special Attention for People With Disabilities During Election

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VOINews, Jakarta - Member of Commission II DPR RI, Wahyu Sanjaya, asked for special attention for groups with disabilities during the elections. Including in terms of facilities when the election takes place.

"Disability has been a concern from previous elections. How can we provide better facilities," Wahyu said in the Pro3 RRI dialog, Tuesday (23/5/2023).

These special facilities are prioritized so that groups with disabilities do not experience disturbances and difficulties during elections. Such as the provision of special polling stations (TPS) provided for groups with disabilities.

"So for example, like coming to a wedding, where it is not only the organizers who will be happy that the event is successful. But also the invitees must be comfortable," Wahyu said, adding.

In addition, he continued, not only attention, but also special treatment for disabilities formed by the KPU. Because, elections provide a good picture of an election process that is friendly to people with disabilities.

"So that a good and honest election will be created. That is by providing socialization and information by visiting them directly," he said.

"Later there will definitely be political parties that invite and convince them. And both disabilities and beginners they will still voice their rights," he said.

So in this case, Wahyu hopes that the public can convey all input related to elections to Commission II DPR RI. This was done at the same time to help perfect the election event in 2024.

"If there are things that need to be included, it is better to convey them through Commission II by writing a letter or WA to me. So that I can bring it to be perfected, especially about ballots and polling stations for disabilities," he said. (RRI)

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