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We present, an Indonesian singer, Tulus. He is a singer and composer who was born in Bukttinggi, West Sumatera  on 20 August 1987.The singer who lives in Bandung, West Java is also active as an architect.He released the song entitled  “Labirin” digitally through some music online services on 24 August 2018.Tulus was collaborated with  Petra Sihombing to compose  “Labirin.” The output is that the electric guitar sound heard dominantly from the song. Meanwhile, Tulus still uses metaphors in the lyric of his song. The lyric of  “Labirin” tells about a couple who loves each other.  The admiration also makes them want to know more about each other, as if it enters the labyrinth intentionally even though it is unclear where the exit is. However, there is still a belief between the two people that they can certainly be united.Tulus, has a complete “Muhammad Tulus”. Hebegan his career in Indonesian music in 2011. It did not take much time for him to get a lot of fans and awards. During January up to February 2012, His first album entitled  “Tulus” almost occupied the first stage in musical chart magazine. After one year, the same magazine gave him award as the best new comer based on Editor choice. This proved that Tulus has an extraordinary musical capability.

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