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Thursday, 14 September 2023 14:59

Ministry Seeks Public Inputs for Health Law's Derivative Regulations

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VOINews, Jakarta - The Indonesian Health Ministry is offering opportunities for public participation to provide inputs to the government regarding the structure of regulations derived from Law Number 17 of 2023 on Health.

"We invite the entire community to echo their aspirations regarding the implementation of the Health Law. The various inputs will be important for the preparation of more comprehensive derivative regulations for the Health Law," the ministry's spokesperson, Mohammad Syahril, stated when confirmed on Thursday.

After being ratified from the Health Draft Bill on July 11 into a Health Law, the government is drafting derivative regulations for implementation of the law, he stated.

He ensured that the process of drafting regulations would be carried out openly and transparently, involving the widest possible public participation.

In order to accommodate various inputs and aspirations and open a space for discussion with all elements of society, Syahril noted that the ministry has provided a special channel that can be accessed on the page

This portal is accessible to the public to enter their inputs or suggestions regarding the process of drafting Government Regulations (RPP) implementing Law Number 17 of 2023 concerning Health, he remarked.

Apart from encouraging public participation, Syahril said that the ministry will also conduct dissemination of information and consultation on the substance of the RPP Health Law that will be implemented online via the Ministry of Health's YouTube channel.

According to Syahril, absorbing all stakeholders' aspirations is important to accommodate various inputs and proposals that had not been accommodated in the Health Law.

He expressed hope that this opportunity would be utilized properly to realize meaningful public participation, so that their rights can be heard, considered, and explained well.

The Health Ministry has delegated derivative regulations from Health Law Number 17 of 2023 into 108 articles to be regulated in 101 Government Regulations (PP) articles, two articles of Presidential Regulations (Perpres), and five articles of Health Minister Regulations (Permenkes). (Antaranews)

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