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Wednesday, 06 September 2023 16:09

Chasing the sunrise in Posong

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One of Photo site in Posong Hill, Temanggung, Central Java - 



Posong is located at the foot of Mount Sindoro, Central Java. You can enjoy the sunrise from a height of 1,400 meters above sea level and can see the beautiful view of 8 mountains at once, namely Mount Andong, Mount Sindoro, Mount Sumbing, Mount Merbabu, Mount Ungaran, Mount Muria, Mount Merapi and Mount Telomoyo.

This is the main attraction of Posong Hill which also provides camping ground facilities. A cool mountain breeze will greet you as you wait for the sun to rise.

Posong's position is precisely at an altitude of 1,823 meters above sea level. No wonder the air in Posong tourism is very cool. In fact, various types of plants can thrive here.

If you come in clear weather, you will find the beauty of the golden sun rising between the two mountains combined with stunning natural nuances, that is the Golden Sunrise that you can see from Temanggung.

The beauty that can be enjoyed from Posong Hill is not only that. Various photo spots are also provided for you.

For those of you who want to enjoy the beautiful view and cool mountain air for a longer time, you can rent a tent for camping in a place provided by the manager or you can bring your own tent.

This tourism spot is open from 04.00 am to 5 pm Western Indonesia Time WIB. The first pioneer of Posong tourism was Zuniyanto as one of the environmental activists of the Djogoreso Community in Tlahab village, Kledung District, Temanggung Regency in 2009.

The entrance ticket price for Posong Nature Tourism is Rp7,000 or US$0.46. The access to Posong is not difficult. If you are from Yogyakarta then the route you have to choose is Jogja-Magelang-Temanggung-Wonosobo.

Furthermore, the route to Posong is quite easy because of its location close to the main road of Temanggung-Wonosobo.

You just need to drive along the main road of Temanggung-Wonosobo which is between Mount Sumbing and Sindoro.

Around 19 km from the city of Temanggung direction towards the city of Wonosobo on the right side of the road, there will be a gate marked Posong.

Turn right, leave the main road and enter the gate. Next, just follow the road which will consist of stones instead of asphalt. Even so, cars can still reach the Posong parking lot//VOI

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