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Thursday, 09 November 2023 07:56

Human Development, Key to Golden Indonesia 2045

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Indonesian President Joko Widodo emphasized that human development is the key to realizing a Golden Indonesia vision of 2045. Although the challenges ahead are not easy, the President believes that human resource development of aspects such as nationality and religion will encourage the vision's realization. President Joko Widodo conveyed this in his speech when opening the 2023 National Working Summit of the Indonesian Institute of Islamic Propagation (LDII) and the inauguration of the Minhaajurrosyidiin Multipurpose Building in Jakarta on Tuesday, November 7, 2023.
Challenges to bring the dream of a Golden Indonesia 2045 into reality are not getting any easier. However, the Indonesian head of state is optimistic that the country can face these challenges with a strong spirit of unity. He emphasized that 2024, 2029, and 2034 are crucial moments for Indonesia, whether it can move forward or not. For this reason, the country needs strong national leadership, unity, and cohesion.
Humans are an important factor in national economic development. Therefore, it is very important to invest in human resources, to create superior, reliable, and competitive people.
The development of human resources is the main focus of President Joko Widodo's government. In 2019, improving the quality of Indonesians even became the theme of Indonesia's Independence Day, namely "Superior Human Resources, (Key to) Advanced Indonesia".
Last June, President Joko Widodo launched the National Long-Term Development Plan (RPJPN) 2025-2045 to realize the vision of Golden Indonesia 2045. At that time the President emphasized that to achieve the vision, Indonesia needs leadership that is intelligent, strong, brave, and good at finding solutions.
Meanwhile, the superior human resources that Indonesia aspires to are those who master today's skills and knowledge, have strong character, are virtuous, tolerant, honest, dedicated, and of course have the Pancasila or the five principles of Indonesia's ideology values in mind.
The main task of creating superior human resources lies in the government. However, the entire Indonesians should take a role in it, starting from their family, school, and surrounding community. In 2045, Indonesia will mark its centennial, known as "The Golden Indonesia". By that year, Indonesia is targeted to have become a developed, modern country, on par with the world's superpowers. Thus, investment to create superior human resources should be carried out by all parties, starting from individuals, families, communities, and stakeholders, as well as economic and business actors in the country. In this way, the prepared humans are of better quality and ready to compete with those of other countries.
The belief that superior Indonesians have high competitiveness should continue to be strengthened. Quoting the speech of the Indonesian first president, Soekarno, on National Heroes' Day on November 10, 1961, "give me 10 young people, I will definitely shake the world." President Soekarno's spirit must be ingrained more firmly in the minds of the entire Indonesian nation.
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