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Wednesday, 03 April 2024 15:39

Ministry encourages short term visas acceleration in the Riau Islands

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Indonesian Tourism and creative economy, Sandiaga Uno met after the extended weekly press briefing in Jakarta (Photo : NK-VOI) -



VOInews, Jakarta : The Indonesian Tourism and creative economy Ministry encourages short term visas acceleration in the Riau Islands. Foreign tourists visit  in the Riau Islands will be supported by short term visas under 7 days  in order to achieve the target in 2024. This  was  conveyed by the Indonesian Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaga  Salahudin Uno at the Extended Weekly Press Briefing event in Jakarta on Monday (1/4).


"For foreign tourists, the government still refers to three main gates, namely Bali, Jakarta and the Riau Islands which reach almost 90 percent . For Jakarta and Bali, this is still very strong, still very strong at 15 to 20 thousand per day. However, in Riau Islands, there is still one policy that the government cannot implement, namely short term visas under 7 days" said Minister Uno. "

"This is what happened yesterday, when I was in Batam, I wanted it because the target of 3 million tourists was impossible to achieve. Last year the government only had 1.7 million because it was still waiting for the policy which was actually proposed by Industry a long time ago. The Ministry of Tourism will encourage acceleration and it will facilitate with the Ministry of Finance  for its release. It is because the Ministry of Law and Human Rights has agreed on 10 dollars for short term visas under 7 days specifically for the destination area of the Riau Islands", Minister Uno explain. 


Furthermore, Minister Sandiaga  Uno  explained  that during the Eid al-Fitr holiday in Indonesia, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy is optimistic that it will be able to move the Indonesian economy by 400 to 450 trillion rupiah or 25 to 28 billion US dollar from the tourism and creative economy sectors//(VOI-NK-Mar-AF) 


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