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Akan Menepi

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“Mari Berbahasa Indonesia” or Let’s Speak Bahasa Indonesia introduces Indonesian vocabulary and guides you to speak in Indonesian language. Mari Berbahasa Indonesia or Let’s Speak Bahasa Indonesia is a collaboration between Voice of Indonesia and the Language Development Agency of the Indonesian Ministry of Education, Culture, Research & Technology. Today’s topic is Di Samarinda (2x) which means “In Samarinda.”

Here isa dialogue entiltedAkan menepi(2x) which means “will pull over”. The conversation is between Chris, a vlogger from Australia, and a tourism boat guide of Mahakam River, Samarinda. The tourism boat guide said they will pull over at a dock near to the Baitul Muttaqien Mosque.

Pemandu (W)   : Sebentar lagi kita akan sampai di Masjid Baitul Muttaqien, salah

                             satu ikon kota Samarinda. Masjid itu terletak di tepian Sungai

                             Mahakam ini.

Chris (P)           : Apakah kita akan mampir ke masjid itu?

Pemandu (W)   : Ya , nanti kita akan menepi di dermaga di dekat masjid.

Here are some vocabulary and expressions related to today’s topic. “Akan menepi(2x) which means “Will pull over”. I will say it two times slowly, and please repeat after me.

nanti (2x)

which means Later

kita (2x)

which means We

akan menepi (2x)

which means will pull over

dermaga (2x)

which means Dock

di dekat (2x)

which means Near

masjid (2x)

which means Mosque

Nanti kita akan menepi di dermaga didekat masjid (2x)

which means Later, we will pull over at a dock near the mosque.

sebentar lagi (2x)

which means In a moment

Masjid Baitul   Muttaqien (2x)

which means Baitul Muttaqien Mosque

ikon (2x)

which means Icon

kota Samarinda   (2x)

which means Samarinda city

terletak (2x)

which means to be located

di tepian (2x)

which means at the bank

sungai Mahakam (2x)

which means Mahakam River

akan mampir (2x)

which means Will visit

In this conversation, there is the expression “Nanti kita akan menepi di dermaga di dekat masjid” (2x) which means “Later, we will pull over at a dock near the mosque”. In the expression, there is the word menepi (2x) which means “to pull over”. The word menepi (2x) which means “to pull over” in this context means the boat is going to the bank of Mahakam River.


Here are other examples of describing the destinations.

Mendarat “menuju ke darat “(2x) which means Land, “going to land”.  

Pesawat akan mendarat pukul 12 siang (2x) which means The plane will land at 12 pm.

Melaut “menuju ke laut” “(2x) which means Seaward, “going to the sea”.

Nelayan melaut untuk mencari ikan “(2x) which means Fishermen goes seaward to fish.

For your information, Mahakam River is the biggest river in East Kalimantan province. Mahakam River is also a main river in Kalimantan, which is known as the island with thousands of rivers. Besides Mahakam River, there are also other main rivers in Kalimantan namely Barito River, Martapura River, Kapuas River, and Kahayan River.


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