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Monday, 06 May 2024 14:47

The Meaning of Eid Jala' and Peace for Syrians

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VOInews, Jakarta: Eid Jalaa' (Evaluation Day), which falls every 17 April, is a big day for Syrians that symbolises glory and freedom. This was stated by Syrian Ambassador to Indonesia Abdulmonem Annan in a special interview aired on 2 May 2024 on the Voice of Indonesia terrestrial radio channel. As is known, Eid Jalaa' marks the expulsion of the French army from the land of independent Syria on 17 April 1946.

"Indeed, the day of evacuation or independence day is an important day in which various tribes, nations, and cultures around the world gather. And this day is a great day that for Syrians symbolises glory and freedom, because it is impossible for citizens or a nation to feel honour and freedom if they are denied their independence or are under occupation," Ambassador Abdulmonem Annan said.


According to Ambassador Abdulmonem Annan, Eid Jalaa' is a moment for the people to celebrate Syria's glorious history of their collective struggle for independence. "Syrians on 17 April every year celebrate the greatness of their past history, despite the mosaic and diversity that distinguishes them, they are united, making sacrifices up to blood for the independence of their country from French colonialists," Ambassador Abdulmonem Annan continued.


Ambassador Abdulmonem Annan, who began serving since February 2023 in Indonesia, also mentioned the Palestinian struggle and efforts to realise peace in the region. "It is impossible for peace to be realised in the world, including in the Middle East in particular without a comprehensive and just peace. When I say comprehensive, we mean that peace must include the core conflict in the Middle East, namely the Palestinian conflict. It is impossible for Arab countries to reach a lasting and durable peace agreement as long as the Palestinian people have not gained their independence, dignity and freedom," Ambassador Abdulmonem Annan concluded.

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