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Friday, 10 May 2024 09:06

Three Indonesia-Fiji's Similarities You Should Know

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VOInews, Jakarta: Fiji shared many similarities with Indonesia. Quoting an interview with the Indonesian Ambassador to Fiji, Dupito D. Simamora on the Voice of Indonesia's Ranah Diplomasi programme on Wednesday (8/5/2024) there are at least three similarities between Indonesia and Fiji.


First, according to Ambassador Simamora, like Indonesia, Fiji is also an archipelago republic. "Fiji is an archipelago in the southern Pacific with about 300 islands but the area is about almost four times the island of Bali, so all the islands in Fiji are about four times the size of the island of Bali," Ambassador Simamora said. Ambassador Simamora added that Indonesia is actually also part of the Pacific archipelago which is glued together by the Melanesian race of some Indonesian tribes with Pacific countries. Indonesia is an associate member of the Melanesian Spearhead Group as well as a dialogue partner of the Pacific Island Forum along with Fiji.


Like Indonesia, according to Ambassador Simamora, Fiji is a country that lives with ethnic and religious diversity. "Maybe it can be said to be the only country that is multi-ethnic and multi-religious because here in addition to the Melanesian group which is the indigenous population of around 65 percent, there is also a fairly large portion of indo-fijians or Fijians of Indian descent who were brought here to work on plantations, especially sugar cane plantations and that is also one of the characteristics of Fiji is that besides being multi-ethnic it is also multi-religious, or multi-religious. The largest is Christianity followed by Hinduism and then Islam and of course other religions. So if in other Pacific countries it can almost be said to be homogeneous although there are always minorities but here is the only heterogeneous country which may also be a kind of mini Indonesia but in a different composition, "continued Ambassador Simamora.


The third similarity, according to Ambassador Simamora, is that the Fijian people are generally sports lovers. If Indonesians are generally happy with football and badminton, while Fijians like rugby. "So I think there are similarities with Indonesia. But the pride of Fijians is rugby, so it is not surprising that in 2020 this country also won a gold medal at the Olympics in Tokyo," concluded the Ambassador who began serving since August 2023.

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