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Friday, 10 May 2024 09:24

FIFA Strengthens Cooperation between Indonesia and Fiji

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VOInews, Jakarta: The Indonesian Embassy in Suva, Fiji, encourages Fijian civil society to understand and encourage the strengthening of cooperation between Indonesia and Fiji in various fields through the establishment of the Fiji-Indonesia Friendship Association (FIFA). This was conveyed by the Indonesian Ambassador to Fiji Dupito D Simamora to Voice of Indonesia, via Zoom connection on Wednesday (8/5/2024). Ambassador Simamora revealed the support of the Fijian people for the formation of FIFA which became a forum for grassroots diplomacy of the Indonesian and Fijian communities.


"Many tribal chiefs, many political figures, even some rectors from universities and big businessmen in Fiji have declared themselves joining this association. So we think this is an important capital, so that now in the future FIFA will become our partner in various efforts that we make at the government level. And of course, later we hope that FIFA can consolidate relations between the two countries, especially after we celebrate 17 June as the 50th anniversary of bilateral relations or diplomacy between Indonesia and Fiji," Ambassador Dupito Simamora said.


Ambassador Simamora further explained that FIFA is intended to build trust between Indonesia and Fiji as well as understanding between the people of the two countries so that they are not easily instigated by NGOs or parties that are less friendly to Indonesia. "We want to encourage Fijian civil society to be able to understand and also support the cooperation that is being built between the two nations. This is one of the important infrastructure buildings of diplomacy in supporting cooperation in various fields, including education, vocational training, agriculture and most importantly for us in addition to understanding, a relationship of mutual respect and trust must be built between the two countries which is also agreed upon or supported by civil society so that they are not easily influenced by some NGOs that may be less friendly to Indonesia," Ambassador Simamora explained.


As quoted from the Indonesian Foreign Ministry website (, Indonesia has established diplomatic relations with Fiji since 1974, and has an embassy in Suva City which was established in 2002. The Fiji-Indonesia Friendship Association was inaugurated by the President of Fiji, Ratu Wiliame Katonivere on 26 March 2024 in Suva.

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