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Friday, 07 June 2024 14:55

In Baubau

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Welcome back to “Mari Berbahasa Indonesia” or Let’s Speak Bahasa Indonesia, which introduces Indonesian vocabulary and guides you to speak in Indonesian language. Mari Berbahasa Indonesia or Let’s Speak Bahasa Indonesia is a collaboration between Voice of Indonesia and the Language Development Agency of the Indonesian Ministry of Education, Culture, Research & Technology. Today’s topic is “Di Baubau” which means “In Baubau.”

You will listen to a conversation about “Berjam-jam” which means “For hours”. Chris, a vlogger from Australia, was talking to a passenger at Betoambari Airport on their trip to Bali through Makassar. Chris told the passenger that he has been waiting for the plane for hours. 

Penumpang (W) : Kata petugas Bandara Betoambari, pesawat terlambat datang karena cuaca buruk. Bapak sudah menunggu lama?
Chris (P) : Saya sudah menunggu berjam-jam. Semoga cuaca segera membaik.
Penumpang (W): Ya, semoga pesawat kita segera tiba. Tujuan Bapak ke Makassar?
Chris (P) : Iya..

Here are some vocabulary and expressions related to today’s topic. “Berjam-jam” which means “For hours”. saya (2x) which means I

menunggu (2x) which means Wait
berjam-jam (2x) which means For hours
Saya sudah menunggu berjam-jam (2x) which means I have been waiting for hours
petugas (2x) which means Officer
terlambat (2x) which means Late
cuaca buruk (2x) which means Bad weather
menunggu lama (2x) which means Wait for long
semoga (2x) which means Hopefully
segera membaik (2x) which means Gets better soon
pesawat (2x) which means Aircraft
tiba (2x) which means Arrive
tujuan(2x) which means Destination
Makassar (2x) which means Makassar

In this conversation, there is the expression “Saya sudah menunggu berjam-jam” which means “I have been waiting for hours”. In the expression, there is the word ”berjam-jam” which means “for hours”, it means several hours have passed. In the conversation, the expression was used to tell that the person has been waiting for the plane for hours.

Here is another use of expression to recommend or suggest something.

Berhari-hari which means “Many days”  
Dari Jakarta ke Kota Baubau, penumpang feri perlu waktu berhari-hari which means “From Jakarta to Baubau, ferry passengers take many days.

Berminggu-minggu which means “Many weeks”  
Paket Chris belum sampai selama berminggu-minggu which means Chris’s package is not delivered for many weeks.


For your information, Betoambari Airport is located in Baubau, Southeast Sulawesi. This airport was built in 1976 as a pioneer flight. Currently, Betoambari Airport is one of the access that connects tourism destinations of Wakatobi Islands with the capital city of South Sulawesi namely Makassar City.

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