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Thursday, 13 June 2024 22:57

Commission X of the House of Representative received the 2025 National Library budget proposal

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Perpusnas on a hearing session with Commission X of Indonesia House of Representative for budget issue (Photo : Perpusnas) - 



VOInews, Jakarta : Commission X of the House of Representative of Indonesia have agreed the indikative limit and budget proposal raise of the state budgte plan (RAPBN) year 2025 of National Library to 721 billion Rupiah. 

Apart from that, Commission X of the House of Representative of Indonesia approved the proposal to increase the National Library's budget ceiling in IDR 375 billion. 

According to a release received by Voice of Indonesia on Thursday (13/06/24), in the hearing of Commission X of the DPR RI and National Library with the sole agenda of discussing the Ministry/Agency Budget Work Plan (RKA K/L) and Government Work Plan (RKP K/L), Chairman of Commission X DPR RI Syaiful Huda stated that this proposal was in response to orders Laws and other regulatory provisions.

"Commission X supports the indicative ceiling proposal and the additional budget proposal in the 2025 FY RAPBN. We will submit this proposal to the DPR RI Budget Body," he said in Jakarta, on Thursday (13/6/2024).

The legislator from the National Awakening Party faction said that the commitment related to the literacy movement at the National Library needs to continue to be encouraged at the level of productive implementation. This is done by utilizing various facilities, especially those that follow the trends of the millennial generation and generation Z.

"This is very important because our reading level is still low compared to the target that has been set. "Children's reading culture is declining with the presence of audio and visual media," he said.

It was explained that this must be homework that the National Library pays attention to through various budget locations and proposed activities. "We hope that in the future, this commitment to literacy will continue to be the main focus," he continued.

Meanwhile, NasDem Party faction legislator Ratih Megasari Singkarru expressed his support for the proposed additional budget. According to him, improving literacy culture and library services is crucial for the intellectual and social progress of Indonesian society.

"We from the NasDem Party Fraction certainly support the proposed additional budget for the National Library with the main target of increasing literacy culture and library services. "Increasing access and equal availability of books in various regions of Indonesia is the foundation for our intellectual and social progress," he said.

Regarding the proposed additional budget, he called this a strategic step and showed the National Library's strong commitment.

“The budget of IDR 375 billion for 2025 is a strategic step. "If approved, this may be the first time a library has a budget of up to IDR 1 trillion, after previously only around IDR 600 billion to 700 billion," he explained.

PDI Perjuangan Fraction legislator Putra Nababan fully supports the proposal to increase the National Library's budget for 2025. He acknowledged that the social inclusion-based library transformation program (TPBIS) that has been implemented by National Library has really helped local communities, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“This is the most real program and must be focused on, even though the budget is limited. "The people at the bottom don't care about policies, they talk about our support for their lives," he explained.

Responding to this, Acting Director of National Library E. Aminudin Aziz appreciated the support provided by the leadership and members of Commission X of the DPR RI.

"Thank you to the leadership and all members who have responded very positively to the proposed 2024 program and the additional budget for FY 2025," he said.

He explained that regarding budget allocations for programs that had not received optimal budgets, his party had reorganized them. He added that the main focus is a program to improve reading culture and literacy competency//VOI

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