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Monday, 01 July 2024 23:01

Highlighting Future Challenges, the President Emphasizes that the National Police Must Be Agile, Adaptive, and Master of Science and Technology

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Presiden Joko Widodo and the first lady getting ready to cut the Tumpeng or yellow rice cone to commamorate Bhayangkara day (Photo : Vico Setpres) - 



VOInews, Jakarta : President Joko Widodo emphasized the big challenges facing the National Police in the future in his address at the 78th Bhayangkara Day Commemoration Ceremony at the National Monument, Jakarta, on Monday, July 1 2024. The President said that the police are always under strict public supervision and have a role central to community life.

“The National Police don't have holidays. The National Police is everywhere, no area is overlooked by the National Police. "But on the other hand, this means that the people are also watching closely all the movements and actions of the National Police," said the President.

According to a release received by Voice of Indonesia on Monday (01/07/24), the President underlined that the challenges that will be faced in the future are increasingly complex, including geopolitical, economic, technological and climate change issues. On the other hand, the implementation of the National Police's duties also greatly influences the nation's resilience in facing various challenges and the nation's competitiveness in the midst of global competition.

"So in the future the National Police must be more agile, more adaptive and have a strategic perspective. "It must be a cooling system and glue for diversity, it must be professional and not selective in law enforcement, and it must have technical capabilities that are superior to those of criminals," he explained.

In facing increasingly sophisticated transnational crimes, the President emphasized the importance of the National Police being adaptive and having superior technical capabilities. "The National Police must also be able to follow developments in science and technology and collaborate to strengthen our country's security," added the President.

With the 2024 regional elections taking place soon, the President asked the National Police to support the democratic party by maintaining neutrality, stability and election integrity. Previously, the President also appreciated the hard work and dedication of the National Police in maintaining the stability and security of the 2024 Election democratic process and Indonesia's major development agendas.

"Maintain neutrality, maintain stability and safeguard our democracy so that regional elections can be held safely, honestly and fairly," stressed President Joko Widodo.

President Jokowi ended his remarks by expressing great hope for the National Police to become more agile, adaptive and professional in carrying out their duties. "Be a Bhayangkara person who upholds the National Police Tribrata, who is solid internally, who is synergistic externally, especially with the TNI, and loyally serves and protects the community," he concluded//VOI

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