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Friday, 05 July 2024 10:39

The National Library collaborates with V.V. Mayakovsky

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The signing was carried out by acting (Plt.) Director of National Library E. Aminudin Aziz and Head of Library V.V. Mayakovsky Chalova Zoya Vasiljevna. in St. Petersburg, Russia on Tuesday (02/07/24), (Photo : Perpusnas) - 



VOInews, St. Petersburg : The National Library of the Republic of Indonesia (Perpusnas) collaborates with the largest public library in the City of St. Petersburg, Russia.

Cooperation between the two countries was carried out through the signing of a memorandum of mutual understanding between the National Library and the Central City Public Library on behalf of  (V.V. Mayakovsky Library), on Tuesday (2/7/2024).

The signing was carried out by acting (Plt.) Director of National Library E. Aminudin Aziz and Head of Library V.V. Mayakovsky Chalova Zoya Vasiljevna. Plt. The Director of the National Library stated that the signing of the MSP was a series of working visits by the National Library delegation to the Russian Federation to develop international cooperation networks.

Regarding the implementation of activities at the V.V. Library Mayakovsky located in St. Petersburg In St. Petersburg, he explained that the National Library would collaborate with the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia (KBRI) in Moscow.

"Activities that can be carried out include the Indonesian Language teaching program for Foreign Speakers (BIPA) which can be combined with exhibitions of literary works, manuscripts and other library materials from Indonesia," he said on Tuesday (2/7/2024).

Svetlana Gorokhova, librarian at the V.V. Library Mayakovsky, who is also responsible for international cooperation, welcomed this. He added that the implementation of collaboration with National Library can be carried out in various forms of activities.

"One of them targets cultural exchange between the two countries through collection exhibitions and seminars. "Collaboration can also be carried out in the form of staff exchanges to develop expertise and share knowledge," he explained.

V.V. Library Mayakovsky is the main public library of the City of St. Petersburg. Petersburg which has two million collections. Every day, this library is visited by 1,000 people. Initially, this library building was a monastery built in the 18th century. The library received the award for its success in maintaining the historic aspects of the building and its application as a public library service facility.

During a visit to the library, Plt. The Director of the National Library was accompanied by the Main Secretary (Sestama) of the National Library Joko Santoso, the Head of the Legal, Organization, Cooperation and Public Relations Bureau Sri Marganingsih, and the National Library librarian Chaerul Umam.

Apart from that, the National Library delegation also received a special invitation to visit the museum library at the St. Petersburg City Government Office. St. Petersburg. The National Library Secretary appreciated the invitation and welcome from the local city government. It was stated that this could open the door to international cooperation in terms of culture and literature between Indonesia and Russia.

Sestama said that many Russian writers inspired Indonesian writers and played an important role in the development of Indonesian literary works. "So this is an aspect of cooperation that can be carried out between the National Library and the Russian Library," he explained.

Head of the International Cooperation Section of the City Government of St. Petersburg Igor V. Bodnarchuk appreciated the role of libraries in terms of cooperation. He said that National Library was the first party to come to initiate collaboration. "We also collaborate with Southeast Asian countries, Vietnam and Myanmar," he said.

According to a release received by Voice of Indonesia on Thursday (04/07/24), Museum library at the City Government Office of St. St. Petersburg is a closed library which is also a museum of St. Petersburg City government library materials. St. Petersburg. The library has many rare collections, one of which is a collection of Indonesian literary works and publications that have been translated into Russian.

Previously, on June 28 2024, National Library collaborated with the Federal State Budgetary Institution of Culture (Margarita Rudomino All-Russian State Library for Foreign Literature) and the National Library of the Russian Federation. The signing of the MSP was carried out in Moscow, Russia between the highest leaders of the two agencies//VOI

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