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Mosaic of Indonesia

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Discussion process along with the residents is the soul in developing the village so that stakeholders in Mahakam Ulu (Mahulu) regency emphasized to village’s officials to always involve society in development planning. This was stated by technical staff of Gerbangmas, Mahulu regency, Imam Subarkah in Datah Bilang, on Tuesday. Earlier, when accompanying 11 team of Datah Bilang Baru village, Long Hubung district, Mahulu, East Kalimantan province, in preparation to arrange middle term of development planning of the village, Imam explained the village consists of four components, namely the society, village administration, village’s consultative council and discussion. According to Imam Subarkah, in discussion process to determine middle term of development planning of the village, ideally  11 team refers to 3 components, namely providing social map and village’s sketch, calendar of season, and famer group, youth group, management of family’s welfare’s group, non-governmental organization, or other groups in the village. 

Manpower and Energy Mineral Resources Office of Bali province will immediately check allegation of use of foreign worker who works as shop keeper at a number of businesses belonging to investor from China. In accordance with the regulation, foreign workers may not work as shop keeper. Because it is not in accordance with position (foreign manpower), the position is at least in manager level. This was stated by head of Manpower and Energy Mineral Resources Office of Bali province, Ni Luh Made Wiratmi, in Denpasar, on Tuesday. Outside the allegation case of the foreign worker who works at a number of shops that sell Chinese products in Bali, her party recently also did supervisory to a number of companies on Bali islanduntil Nusa Lembongan, Klungkung regencyThe supervisory includes work norms, safety, health and safety (K3) norms, and including supervision of the use of foreign workers.

Central Java governor, Ganjar Pranowo in Semarang, on Tuesday said women legislative candidates are more creative and innovative in campaigning so that they are able to achieve many votes. According to governor Ganjar,rivalry among the candidates on 2019 legislative member selection will be fierce. This was stated by the governor on strengthening of legislative member candidate of woman capacity 2019. The governor also said that the candidadte should use tactics and ways which can be more received by society, although the challenge which will be faced heavier.

That was Mosaic of the Archipelago.

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