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Monday, 05 November 2018 13:11

Hyang Darungan Bremi Waterfall

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Probolingo is one of regencies in East Java, which has many tourism objects, such as Mt. Bromo that is well known overseas. Mt. Bromo is located at Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. The national park has not only natural mountain tourism object, but also amazing waterfall. The waterfall is Hyang Darungan Bremi. Hyang Darungan Bremi waterfall is administratively located at Bremi village, Krucil district, East java province. To go to the tourism object, you will take around one hour from Probolingo by public transportation to Bremi. From the waterfall’s gateway, you take around 2 hours on foot. The trip from the gateway to Hyang Darungan Bremi waterfall is hard. Because the path is inclining, steep and muddy. It is narrow and can be passed only by one person. Besides, you also must be through river and stones. The trip certainly makes you tired so that you need extra strong stamina to reach the tourism object. At the location of Hyang Darungan Bremi waterfall, there are 2 beautiful waterfalls. One waterfall is above and another one is underneath. Both waterfalls’ stream is fresh and cold. The underneath waterfall has around 15 meters high. At the waterfall, you can take bath to enjoy the freshness of the Hyang Darungan Bremi waterfall. For the above waterfall, you must walk again around 500 meters from the underneath waterfall. The scenery presented by the above waterfall is more beautiful than another one. The waterfall has around 20 meters high with stone’s overlay under it. You can also swim while enjoying amazing natural panorama.

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