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Welcome back to Indonesian Wonder, a daily segment featuring tourism, culinary arts, fine arts, and culture from various regions across Indonesia. Today, we will present you about Payangan Beach, East java. So, stay tuned.


Jember is one of regencies in East Java. The regency becomes one of main tourism destinations in East Java. The tourism destinations in Jember mostly dominated with beach because it borders directly with Indian Ocean to the south. There are various   interesting beach tourism objects in Jember. One of them is Payangan Beach.


Listener, Payangan Beach is located at Payangan Hamlet, Sumberrejo Village, Ambulu Sub-district. The distance of the beach from Jember is around 32 kilometres which takes about one hour trip. The entrance tariff of Payangan Beach is quite affordable. It is onlyRp5.000. When you arrived at the beach, you will see a vast Payangan Beach area. The shape extends to the north, then turns to thewest. Payangan Beach actually consists of three parts of the beach that can be visited. The first part is fishermen beach area facing tosouthwest. The second part is in the form of beach with coral reefs separated by hills. The last part is located at the north of the beach with coral reefs which separated by small hillsThe Payangan Beach has black sands with clear blue sea water. You can swimming, or travel the beach with riding a horse. You can rent a horse only on the weekend with Rp20.000 rental tariff. The Payangan Beach has full facilities. There are food stalls, toilets, and mushola ( worship place).


After swimming, you can try to hike the hill around the beach. There is Samboja Hill inthe southwest which borders fishermen beach and coral reefs beach. To go to Samboja Hill, you must pass the row of stairs. And paying Rp5.000 for the entrance ticket. When you arrived the object, you will see colorful flowers on the edge of the path. In addition, there are many gazebos for taking a rest as well as photo spots.

While on the east, you can find Roro Ayu coastline to Canga’an Beach that curved like giant crescent moon. There are also a row of green mountains which part of Meru Betiri National Park at southeast of Jember Regency. Seeing to the northwest, there is a vast beach to Watu Ulo Beach and Tanjung Papuma Beach with their white sands. While onthe west and the south, there is a vast blue sea. If the weather is sunny, Nusa Barong is seen vaguely in the western horizon, an inhabited island which now becomes natural preservation area. In addition, there is also historical site of the Japanese colonial era, namely Japanese cave at the shore hill.


That was Indonesian Wonder for today featuring Payangan Beach. 

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