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Tuesday, 27 November 2018 20:57

Endog-Endogan Festival

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Welcome back to Indonesian Wonder, a daily segment featuring information about arts, culinary, and tourism. In today's edition, we will introduce you about Endog-Endogan Festival

Last November the 20th, Banyuwangi People in East Java gathered around to hold the Endog-Endogan Festival in a bid to commemorate the birth of Prophet Muhammad SAW. The event was festively held. Thousands of endhog flowers were paraded from 4 different directions: east, west, north, and south to the meeting point of the event in front of the Banyuwangi Regional Government, East Java. The parade of the endhog flowers was accompanied by the beat of rebana (Tambourine) and the Kunthul Dance which is originally from Banyuwangi. Each of the festival's participant also brought instant food called Ancak.

In using language (Local Language of Banyuwangi Tribe), Endog means egg. In this festival, hundreds of eggs are placed on a bamboo decorated with paper flowers. These are known as endhog flowers. The endhog flowers are arranged on a decoration board called Judang. Judang is typically made of banana stem and cork. But, it can also be made of other materials. The development of age encourages people to be more creative in making endog arrangement. Nowadays, the shapes of endog are not only flowers but also barong (lion-like creature),dragon, airplane, and even cone. Usually, in one Judang board, there are 27, 33, or 99 endog flowers.

The Endog-endogan tradition of Banyuwangi historically dated back in the end of the 18th century. AnUlema (Islamic Cleric) from Cemoro Songgon Village named KH. Abdullah Faqih utilized the creative tradition made of eggs to disseminate dakwah (Messages about Islam). The tradition uses eggs because eggs are the symbol of birth. Meanwhile, flowers are the symbol of worship. The festival which is the distinctive tradition of Banyuwangi people is held to express Banyuwangi people's love for Prophet Muhammad SAW.

A series of events of the Endog-endogan festival is closed by the delivering of Islamic lecture and prayers presented by Ustad (Islamic Cleric). Later, people will eat together the instant food named Ancak. Meanwhile, the endog flowers are given to the visitors of the festival. The Endog-endogan Festival is held to not only preserve the tradition of Banyuwangi people but also to promote the tourism of Banyuwangi. Usually, the festival is held every Rabiul Awal (Islamic Month), especially from 12 Rabiul Awal until the end of the month.

That was Indonesian Wonder about Endog-Endogan Festival. See you tomorrow with other interesting topics!

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