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Monday, 10 December 2018 13:51

Mepar Island, Riau Islands

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Mepar island is located in Riau Islands province. The island has not only beautiful scenery, but also historical sites. Mepar island is at the South of Lingga island. Administratively, the island is at Mepar village, Lingga district, Riau Island province. Mepar island is well-known for its tourism history. One of them is  4 fortresses of heritage of Riau-Lingga Kingdom. The 4 fortresses are Hilir fortress, Lekok fortress, Tanjung Segi Tiga fortress and Tengah fortress. Lekok fortress is located on the hill and it directly faces with Buton bay which is at Lingga island and it is equipped with 7 canons. Unfortunately, those fortresses are damaged and overgrown with wild plants. However, some visitors are still interested to visit it. Besides there are some historical sites, the local people, who live on Mepar island, also become interesting attraction of this island. Until now, they still preserve shelter of Tanah Bunda Melayu. Every tourist who comes to this island, does not need to rent lodging because the local people will be pleased to be visited by tourist who wants to stay at night on Mepar island. Because, Mepar island’s residents preserve their heritage “adoptive parents” meaning every visitor who comes to their village, is their kid who needs shelter. To reach Mepar island from Batam Bintan island or Jagoh Dabo, we can use sea transportation at Singkep seaport on Singkep island every day . Thus, visitor must continue the trip by using speed boat to Mepar island. It takes around 30 minutes.

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