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Putuk Truno Waterfall

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Tretes-Prigen region, Pasuruan regency is mountain area which has a lot of natural tourism potentials. Waterfall is one of attractions of the region. Take for example Putuk Truno waterfall. This place is one of tourism objects in Pasuruan that should be visited when holiday in Pasuruan.Putuk Truno waterfall is a favorite destination of Pasuruan people. On weekend, this place is always crowded by a lot of local tourists or from outside region. The beauty of its nature makes anybodywants to stay longer. The water which falls into the pool is very exotic and has clear color. With a height of 45 meters, Putuk Truno waterfall becomes the most beautiful waterfall in East Java. Besides its clear water, the rainbow which can be enjoy from a close distance, also becomes an attraction of this tourism object.Every tourism object certainly has its own myth, no exception with Putuk Truno waterfall. If you soak under the waterfall, you will get eternal love. The myth becomes the basic to name it, Putuk Truno waterfall.Putuk means snake and Truno is taken from the name of Joko Taruno, the son of King Hayam Wuruk and concubine. The king fell in love with Sri Gading Lestari, the daughter of Raden Arya Wiraraja. But their relation was not blessed, because Joko Taruno is a son of concubine. Finally, Raden Arya Wiraraja hidden his daughter at Coban Baung in Purwodadi, Pasuruan. Joko Taruno decided to meditate asking for help to the God. When meditating, his body suddenly changed to be a snake. With the supernatural powers he possessed, Joko Taruno was able to penetrate miracle fortress which fenced off Sri Gading Lestari. Without the knowledge of her father, Sri Gading Lestari ran away to meet her lover. Finally, they met at waterfall that is currently well known with the name Putuk Truno.Its natural scenery and also fresh air certainly can spoil tourist. There are number of facilities provided by the management of Putuk Truno waterfall as supporting convenience of traveling. If you are interested to visit this tourism object, the access to go there is quite easy. You can drive from Pasuruan to Prigen district. From there, you take left and go stright for about 200 metersuntil the gateway of the tourism object. To enter Putuk Truno waterfall complex, you must pay the entrance ticket only Rp10,000 per person.

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