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Wednesday, 19 December 2018 10:16

Angeun Lada

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Banten is a province in Indonesia which rapidly develops. The province, that was a part of West Java province, also experiences development in various fields, such as tourism.  A lot of quite popular tourism destinations in Banten are crowded by tourists. Take for example: Tanjung Lesung beach, Baduy hamlet and many others. Not only natural tourism destination, but also Banten culinary is also trying. One of Banten typical culinary is Angeun Lada.Angeun Lada is Banten typical food which is actually from Sundanese tribe. Angeun means vegetable, while lada means spicy. So, Angeun Lada is vegetable which has spicy flavor. The main material of this food is tripe cow which is mixed with vegetable. The main ingredient is typical leaf called walang leaf. This leaf has very strong aroma. Other ingredients are red onions, candlenut, garlic and galanga.Banten people usually serve Angeun Lada as obligatory dish in great celebration, such as Eid ul-Fitr. In addition, the food is usually served during a family gathering. Thus it is enough to prove that Angeun Lada is one of Banten typical food which has an important role. Even, Angeun Lada has been determined as Intangible Cultural Heritage by Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture. The determination was signed on September 14, 2016.Angeun Lada, the Intangible Cultural Heritage from Banten is worth tasting. If you have a plan to visit Banten, please set your time to try Angeun Lada. You can find Angeun Lada at Sukarel Pandeglang square on Jalan Curug Sawer, Pandeglang, Banten.

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