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Monday, 04 February 2019 15:17

Kolam Susuk

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East Nusa Tenggara province is an Indonesian province that has many natural tourism destinations, such as Komodo island and Kelimutu Lake. In addition, the province has also tourism destination namely ‘’Kolam Susuk’’ in English means “Susuk pond”, which is located at Dualaus village, Kakuluk Mesak district in Belu regency. The pond is natural large lake. Surrounding of its area, there are towering cliffs. The pond is formed naturally and has white soil so that if the pond is exposed by sunlight, its water reflects white light like milk. It is a reason why this tourism object is called “Kolam Susu” or in English means “milk pond”. This tourism object is surrounded by dense mangrove forest that causes a lot of mosquitos around the place. That’s why, local people call the pond with the name “Kolam Susuk” or in local language means “mosquitos nest” . Kolam Susuk is located around 17 kilometers from the North of Atambua city, the capital of Belu. From Atambua, Kolam Susuk can be accessed around 20 minutes by car. Its twist line passes through valley and cliff. But do not have to worry, because its road has been paved. Usually, this tourism object is flocked by a lot of visitors on weekends or national holidays. Facilities at the Kolam Susuk are quite good, such as clean water, rest room, lodging and checkpoint. Surrounding tourism object also provides food and beverage stalls and kiosks sold by the local people. Until now, the local government still develops Kolam Susuk as tourism object and also utilizes it as center of milkfish and shrimp cultivation so that Kolam Susuk can continue to be well maintained.    

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