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Friday, 08 February 2019 10:11

Mamiang Bagas tradition

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There is a unique tradition which is still preserved by  people of Aek Banir Village, Panyabungan sub-District, Mandailing Natal regency (Madina), North Sumatra Province. The community in this village practices a tradition of lifting a home known in  Mandailing language as "Mamiang Bagas". For residents who want to move their houses, they will be helped by local residents voluntarily. The weight of the house moved is of course not light; it could be hundreds of kilograms. The distance of the house being moved to a new location is also not close. This hereditary tradition is still preserved as a reflection of strong cooperation which is still maintained in Madina Regency, North Sumatra. Mamiang Bagas activity starts through an invitation from the house owner to determine the date of the activity. In the meeting, the village youths   usually get together. On the set day, they prepare bamboos which are tied to each pillar of   house buttress. Besides bamboo stems, the route to be passed has also been cleaned and secured so that it can be passed well. Through a command shout, the stage house begins to carry from the ground and move it. Residents must carry this wooden house together. It is not uncommon that the residents go down the house because it is too heavy, then it is carried out. To reach the destination takes a few hours if the location is new through the road and the area is narrow. The voices of the residents shouted and made the atmosphere more energetic and crowded. Finally, the stage house can occupy a new location. After the stage house is successfully moved to a new location, the activity still continues. The Mamiang Bagas tradition is ended with a joint meal program as a form of close kinship ties among residents. The joint meal is an expression of gratitude from the homeowner to all residents who have spent their time and energy helping to move the house.

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