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Monday, 15 April 2019 09:09

Lingsar temple

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Lombok is an island which becomes favorite tourism destination of foreign and domestic tourists. Although most of Lombok people are Muslims, they can live in harmony. Because religious tolerance in Lombok is very strong. This can be proven at Lingsar temple. Lingsar temple is located at Lingsar village in Narmada district, West Lombok regency. To go to the temple, you can use public transportation from Bertais terminal at center city to Narmada. Then, you transit by using bus to Lingsar temple. At the temple, there are 9 sacred fountains as symbol of representatives of Wali Songo. Walisongo were 9 persons who spread out Islam on Java Island. The fountains are used by Muslims for ‘Wudhu’, purifying themselves with water. People say that these fountains are also believed to bring about blessing, success and happiness. Lingsar temple was built in 1741 by King Anak Agung Ketut Karangasam, as unifying symbol of Lombok people and it is considered as the holiest temple in Lombok. At this temple, Hindu people and Muslims of Sasak tribe worship together. To strengthen relations among the followers between Hindu and Islam, the people use the Lingsar temple to hold ceremony which is called ‘Topat war’. In the ceremony, Muslims and Hindu people throw 'Ketupat' each other. This is as gratitude on harmony which has been established so far and it is abundant fortune.

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