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Monday, 29 April 2019 11:46

Malam Badendang Tradition

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Malam Badendang which means in English ‘Singing at night’ appropriate with its meaning namely “Malam Bergoyang” meaning “Dancing at night” is a tradition from generation to generation of Maluku people. The tradition is enlivened by singing and dancing along with family and relatives. Usually, the tradition starts after 12 pm and lasts overnight. It also becomes media to family’s gathering and creates intimacy in their life. Maluku people mention that Malam Badendang tradition is diverse, because almost tribes in Maluku perform it. The tradition is usually performed in religious holidays, either Islam or Christ. However, Malam Badendang tradition is not identic with religious ritual tradition. The tradition is usually carried out by young people to create family nuance in certain moments such as Christmas, Idul Fitri, and sacrificial feast, including enlivening wedding ceremony or family’s gathering. The songs, which are sung in Malam Badendang tradition, are songs of passion and energy. Besides singing, the family’s members also dance regional dances such as Katerji and Orlapei. During the event, the participants of the tradition are also served with Maluku typical foods. Malam Badendang becomes long night feast for Maluku’s families, which is full of happiness and togetherness.   

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