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Wednesday, 01 May 2019 00:00

Exploring Colorful village

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Tourism industry is developing in Indonesia nowadays. Every province in Indonesia begins to show its own tourism potential. Natural or artificial tourism objects become the main destination to attract both domestic and foreign tourists to make a visit. Uniqueness becomes one of the main terms of tourism objects. One of the unique tourism destinations, which can be visited by the tourists in Malang, East Java is colorful village. If the tourists arrive at this village, comfort and curiosity immediately can be felt immediately. A group of women welcome them at front of the village’s gate while giving entrance tickets and souvenirs produced by local people. Various kinds of bright colors make the tourists’ eyes fresh when exploring the village. Comfort, beauty and freshness are the first impression which comes to one’s mind. The village which previously was not attractive because it was slum, changes to be a beautiful place which is appropriate to be visited. According to the local people, initiative to color and to clean the village was from students who were conducting real work college practice. Besides being beautiful, every corner of the village becomes beautiful spot to take picture. This beautiful spot makes the local people to start promoting their village through social media. Bright colors are chosen to be beautiful background to take picture. In a short time, various photographs with colorful village as the background become viral on social media and attract both foreign and domestic tourists to visit the village. The local people keep going to make their village more beautiful and they develop  glass bridge to connect the two villages which are separated with a river. So, set your time to come to the colorful village in Malang, East Java.

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