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Friday, 03 May 2019 13:29

Paduppa Bosara dance

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Batam City held an event on the visit of Muhibah Bugis Melayu Serumpun on 27 April 2019.The event took place successfully because it was attended by 219 foreign tourists from Singapore.  Head of Area II, Deputy Regional Marketing Assistant I of the Ministry of Tourism, Trindiana M. Tikupasang said that the visit of the Muhibah Bugis Melayu Serumpun  is one of ways  to preserve culture and revive the glory of Bugis-Malay. The event was also to preserve the history of the Bugis-Malay that has been glorious through culinary, musical performances and dances. One of the cultures shown is the Bugis and Paduppa Dance.The dance was also performed beautifully by Sanggat Wan Sendari. Moreover,  Malay and Bugis songs were also played namely l Balo Lipa, Tak Akan Melayu Hilang di Dunia, Tana Ogi Wanuakku, and Zapin Pusaka songs. Related to the activity, the Indonesian Wonder for today‚Äôs edition   introduces  you one of the Malay cultural arts, namely Paduppa Bosara Dance. It is a welcoming dance of Bugis-Makassar people when guests arrive. In the past, the dance was often performed to entertain kings, to welcome noble guests, traditional parties, and wedding parties. Bosara itself is a typical plate of the Bugis-Makassar tribe in South Sulawesi. The basic material of Bosara is from iron and completed   with a distinctive cover like a large drum which is wrapped in brightly colored fabrics, such as red, blue, green or yellow, with golden flower ornaments around it. Besides being used as one of the instruments by regional dancers, Bosara also usually becomes  a crock for serving various traditional cakes as traditional symbols, especially at sacred events such as traditional weddings. Paduppa Bosara dance is a dance that is performed by women by bringing  cakes delivered to guests as a sign of honor. Now, it has many creations. Paduppa bosara dance uses traditional attire of Bodo clothes with complete decoration such as flower chain necklaces, bracelets, hair ornaments or headbands, earrings and wrist ornaments.

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