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Monday, 06 May 2019 00:00

Musyoh, Papua

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Papuan people have traditional religious belief pattern which unites and absorbs into all life aspects. Their world viewpoint is related one another, among material and spiritual, secular and sacred. All of these function simultaneously. In its connection with art, Musyoh dance is one of dances belongs to the culture of Papuan people. This manifests their belief system. Musyoh dance is a kind of ritual dance as effort to chase away people’s spirit who died due to an accident. If there is a member of Papuan tribe who dies due to an accident, generally Papuan people believe that the spirit is not calm. Through the belief, the Musyoh dance is created to make the spirit calm. Practically, the dance is like Papuan traditional dances in general. This dance is accompanied by their traditional instrument, called ‘Tifa’. As a difference from Papuan war dance, Musyoh dance uses neither spear nor another weapon. The dance is performed by male dancers with energetic movements like war dance where the movement is seen in playing shield and accompanied by typical scream. By performing Musyoh dance, it is hoped to be able to chase away the spirit who dies unnaturally so that the spirit will not disturb people who are still alive. The dance has been known by tribes in Papua for long time, and until now, it still survives. Many people assume that the dance is also used to welcome guests. In fact, the dance which is used to welcome the guests is welcome dance which is accompanied by rhythmic music with dynamic movement. This shows the local people’s happiness in welcoming honor guests.

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