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Wednesday, 19 June 2019 13:02

Diplomatic Corner

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As many as 120 Malaysian students learn Malay poetry and culture in Tanjungpinang, Riau islands. A 3-day training program was conducted by Cultural Value Conservation Center and Local Culture and Tourism Office. Head of Culture and Tourism Office of Tanjungpinang, Surjadi, in Tanjungpinang, on Sunday (16/6) said that one of the poetries which is learnt, is gurindam 12, poetry on kindness in life attract the attention of the students. The first event which is held in Tanjungpinang, attract students’ attention since it is similar to the art and culture of Malaysia. The historical fact indicates Malay culture is inherited from Riau-Lingga-Pahang Kingdom on Penyengat Island. Therefore, those students are invited to visit Penyengat island which is rich on Malay history.

Garut regent, Rudy Gunawan stated that a number of typical handicraft products from Garut, West Java will get an opportunity to participate in Handicraft Product Exhibition in England which will give advantages for craftsmen as well as introducing Garut in England. Regent Rudy Gunawan when inauguration the new manager of Regional National Handicraft Council of Garut in Garut, on Monday (18/6) said that Indonesian Embassy in England invited Garut regency to participate in an exhibition which will be held in London on September 6-7, 2019by displaying Garut products. The regent hopes the prestigious exhibition in England is participated in by the mainstay craftsmen from Garut so that Garut products are more known abroad and attract foreign investors to Garut.

Alusi Au dance from North Sumatera was performed in Denmark. Indonesian Ambassador to Denmark, M. Ibnu Said, in his speech in front of foreign ambassadors to Denmark and visitors when opening Indonesian Bazaar and Cultural Day 2019, on Saturday (15/6) in Copenhagen said that the main goal in the implementation of the event is to strengthen people-to-people contact among Indonesian people, Denmark citizens, and international communities in Denmark. Not only Indonesian culture, but various Indonesia culinary is also attracted the visitors. In addition, the Indonesian Embassy in Copenhagen also cooperates with travel agency of Travel2Bali and travel specialist Denmark, Lars Faursholt, to conduct presentation and promotion of Indonesian tourism to Denmark Citizens.

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