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Monday, 24 June 2019 08:38

Immanuel old church, Maluku

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Immanuel church is one of historical heritages in Maluku. It is an old church located at Hila village in Salahutu Leihitu district, Central Maluku regency and has a distance around 42 km from Ambon City. The church was built in 1659 and it is the oldest church in Maluku province. Immanuel church looks very simple. Its wall is made from wood which was painted in white and has thatched roof  and bell pole whose yard is decorated. The design of its building is also very simple with a pulpit facing 2 rows of chairs lined up behind and a small room for the priest. The church was damaged due to civil war which occurred in Maluku province in 1999. It was re-built with similar architecture and shape after the war ended. Actually, visiting Immanuel church is free of charge, but you must fill guest’s book and there is an offering box as a form of solidarity to sincerely put some money inside in a bid to assist the maintenance of the church.

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