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Monday, 08 July 2019 10:54

Diplomatic Corner

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The preservation of Limboto Lake becomes one of cooperation focuses on Gorontalo Geopark Development Research along with The Research Institute for Humanity and Nature (RIHN) Kyoto of Japan. Head of Regional Development Planning Agency, Gorontalo province, Budiyanto Sidiki said on Saturday (6/7) that there must be more intensive research on disaster potential due to the presence of a cesarean which passes through Gorontalo, especially Limboto Lake. The data gained from Research and Development of the Agency, Gorontalo province shows that Limboto Lake is one of geological resource assets belonging to Gorontalo province that has a major role as flooding prevention, place of water storage, source of irrigation, fishery, habitat of various fauna and flora, place of rowing sport and tourism object.

In August, all elementary students in Taiwan are going to be required to learn one of 7 Southeast  Asian languages, Indonesian language. According to Education Ministry of Taiwan, seven languages which can be chosen to be learnt include Indonesian, Vietnamese, Thai, Myanmarese, Cambodian, Malay and Tagalog languages. In addition, those students can learn Hokkien, Hakka language or native language in Taiwan. To learn those languages, the government of Taiwan has conducted training for 2,000 part-time teachers. Liu Qian Ping is one of members of Assessment Committee of Southeast Asian Languages’ Teaching Book in Taiwan to BBC China; he explained that by being required the elementary students to learn migrant communities’ languages, the students are able to understand multi-languages, multi-ethnics, and multi-cultural communities’  concept in Taiwan.

Tourism Polytechnic in Makassar, South Sulawesi invites Breda University of Applied Science in the Netherlands to cooperate in a bid to enhance the quality and Human Resources’ competency of Indonesian Tourism, especially lecturers and students. Acting Director of Tourism Polytechnic, Makassar, Muhammad Arifin said in Jakarta on Sunday (7/7) that his side has signed Memorandum of Understanding -MoU along with Elisabeth Minnemann, President of the Executive Board Breda University of Applied Science in Breda, the Netherlands on July 4. Arifin further said that his side agreed to conduct some points of cooperation, such as competency development and qualification of lecturers and students on magister of tourism destination level. Both constitutions also agreed to conduct training in strengthening the role of Tourism Polytechnic  as study center of marine tourism, hamlet tourism, village tourism and research as well as international journal publication.

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