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Monday, 22 July 2019 12:46

Diplomatic Corner

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Indonesian embassy in Amman held a “Pencak Silat Promotional Event” at Plaza of the Indonesian embassy’s Guest House in Amman, Jordan on Thursday (18/7) in a bid to promote Indonesian martial art, Pencak Silat in Jordan. Indonesian ambassador to Jordan, Andy Rachmianto in a press release on Friday (19/7) said that the Indonesian embassy in Amman is to seriously encourage Pencak Silat to be able to be more well-known in the Prophet’s country through innovative way. In the event, the Indonesian embassy conducted a program of Silat trainers starting from June – July, 2019. 5 new Pencak Silat trainers have been directly inaugurated by Teacher Board of Silat School, led by Head of Islamic Educational Foundation of Al-Azhar, Sobidirin HS.  The 5 trainers train Pencak Silat to Jordanian residents under Silat Board flag. Ambassador Andy Rachmianto hopes that Pencak Silat can be learnt and it attracts Jordanian people so that Indonesian culture is more well-known.  The Indonesian embassy in Amman  and Al-Azhar also signed an agreement to promote Pencak Silat as Indonesian art and cultural heritage and also inaugurated special branch of Silat Board in Jordan.

Ruben Fernhout who is a well-known musician and DJ of the Netherlands promoted modern batik of his work through promotional event which was held at Jakarta Hotel in Amsterdam, on July 20, 2019.  The promotional event was entitled "Batik Modern Masa Cinta". The one-day event was able to attract young community’s attention which came from various regions in the Netherlands. In additional to being held  at Jakarta Hotel which has Indonesian atmosphere, the event was also attended by famous musician, Escobar who also enlivened situation by singing archipelagic songs. Indonesian Deputy Ambassador to the Netherlands, Fikry Cassidy who also attended the event, said that Batik promotion this time was special because it was presented by unique and modern way. It was a beautiful combination between Indonesian and the Dutch traditional wealth. Meanwhile, Ruben said that his interest in Batik comes from his heart. Because, his mother is an Indonesian woman. So, his love to Indonesia cannot be stopped.

Indonesia embassy in the United States of America keeps running textile trade in the USA. Thus, the Indonesia embassy in Washington DC and Indonesian Textile Association held a  Roundtable Meeting on Building Synergy of Textile and Cotton Sectors at the embassy on July 19, 2019. The meeting was attended by representatives of United States Trade (USTR) Office, Department of Agriculture, Department of State, Department of Commerce, and the US representatives of Garment Association, Fashion, and Cotton. Indonesian Ambassador to the United States of America, Mahendra Siregar welcomed the meeting as real step to enhance two-way trade relations of Indonesia and the United States of America. Indonesia’s textile export and product to the USA in 2018 reached US$4.5 billion dollars and to be projected to keep growing amid dynamic of global trade. The ambassador also said that therefore, it needs a clear road map to reflex the benefits of the two countries.

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