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Thursday, 18 January 2018 00:00


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Welcome back in Book and Film Review, presenting you a brief review of Indonesian books and films. In today’s edition, we will review a book entitled “(im) Perfect Serenade” written by Irene Dyah. Since 2014, Irene had written more than 10 books. Although her books are mostly about love drama, Irene always put important messages for the readers. In her masterpiece entitled “Around the World With love”, Irene collected several love stories written by her and some other Indonesian authors. 

“Ya it’s the newest batch of around the world with love series so in the fourth batch we have four books all written by different authors”. Irene said. 

Irene wrote another love story in “(im) Perfect Serenade”. The book was about a smart woman named Serenade and her husband – Bansar. In an interview with Voice of Indonesia, Irene shared further detail about the book. 

“The main character her name is Seranade she is working in Verona as secretary of Juliet. Her job is to answer letters or emails from all around the world. So the girls mainly or anyone can do curhat in email or letter to Juliet like asking Juliet advise or telling their story and the secretary of Juliet will answer it that’s why the story happen in Verona. In her job Seren meet a lot of love story happy and not happy, she found that many people is looking for a perfect couple, a perfect love story, a perfect ending which is for her actually that never exist” Irene added. 

The 242-page book contains deep meaning in its simple conflict. Irene explained that the plot apparently was not that simple, if the reader tried to read deeper. 

“If we talking about a novel or love story film usually the story is about two person and they start like and love each other and then as the ending they are married and finish. Actually the married also the other start of another love story it’s also not easy. It has more challenge so I always want to write a story after married which is for me I understand it is more up and down here compare to the love story before married because we need to keep the sparks in our married for years with the same person. With us 24 hours 7 days a week so it’s not easy”. She said. 

Everyone has their own stories. Love can blind all who experience it, but love will also unite all people across boundaries in the world. Alright listener, that was our brief review of a book entitled “(im) Perfect Serenade” written by Irene Dyah. 

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