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Thursday, 18 January 2018 00:00

Ikke Nurjanah

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Welcome back to the regular program -Music Corner, a musical segment which introduces you to Indonesian music either traditional or modern one. In today’s edition, we will present Indonesian regional songs from Jambi. The song is "Batanghari" by Susi. This lyric tells about the Batang Hari River, the longest river in Sumatra which becomes a famous tourist attraction in Jambi province. Batang Hari is described as a river that looks calm, though actually swift. Batanghari song also mentions some places flown by the Batang Hari River, such as Penyaguan and Tanggo Rajo. The uniqueness of the song -Batanghari is the lyric in the form of poem from beginning to end. Jambi region's mainstay song is also impressive that Jambi is a region of poem. Rang Kayo Hitam is a powerful and courageous king who lived in the days of the Jambi Malay Kingdom which was under the rule of Mataram Kingdom. One day, Rang Kayo Hitam thwarted a tribute delivery from his brother to the Mataram kingdom. The Mataram kingdom also planned the attack and told a master to make a dagger. The keris was taken by Rang Kayo Hitam and named Siginjai. The legend of Rang Kayo Hitam's bravery and magic power was also revered in the song "Rang Kayo Hitam". The song "GADIS RIMBU BUJANG" comes from Tebo Sub-district and was composed by Lukman Sa'i. This song is often sung in a duet because it is a song about a young man who is interested in a girl from Rimbo Bujang. The initial lyric of the song "GADIS RIMBO BUJANG " is sung by men, because it tells the youth attraction to the girl. Meanwhile, the reff song "GADIS RIMBO BUJANG" is sung by women who tell that the girl also likes the youth. The song composed by Yahya AB tells the story of someone who always fared badly. In addition, he is materially deprived, but the person always faces trials and insults. But at the end of the lyric of the song "KETIMUN BUNGKUK", there is a message that the wheel of life continues to spin; after bad luck, surely good fortune will come soon. 

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