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Monday, 12 February 2018 12:40


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The song entitled BHAKTI is an original keroncong song that tells about gratitude for the independence and desire of duty to beloved country. As in the lyrics: in the independence world, I want to fulfill devotion to ask the blessing of GOD to be hearted. The keroncong song which is dedicated beautifully by Ismanto who has a strong and characteristic vocal character. The songs summarized in a golden keroncong album of Ismanto. Not only being talented to sing keroncong, Ismanto also composed keroncong songs sung by other keroncong singers, including Waldjinah with the song entitled "Elinga Bebaja Ing Marga", "Wujung", and etc.

As the title, the song ‘Jauh Dimata Dekat Dihati’ tells about the love story of two lovers who are now seperated. Listener, after 1950, keroncong music has the main place in Indonesia, compared to other music genres. At that time, there came the legendary singers such as Waldjinah, S. Dharmanto, Ping Astono and Ismanto. Waldjinah and Ismanto won the Radio singing contest (Bintang Radio) held by Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI) in 1950. However, there were not many references telling detail about Ismanto's music career in keroncong music world.

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