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We start from an event on February 8, 1904 about Port Arthur Sea battle.

Port Arthur Sea battle was opening battle between Russia and Japan. The battle was begun with sudden attack at night by the Japanese destroyer squadron on the Russian fleet which was docked in Port Arthur, Manchuria, and continued by great battle in the morning. The battle ended without result and small battle surrounding Port Arthur continued until May 1904. In the war, the Japanese mobilized 15 warships and explorers and escort ships. 90 people were killed. While, Russia deployed 12 warships and explorers. The number of casualties reached 150 people and seven ships were damaged.


The next event is that in 1971, the first electronic stock exchange, NASDAQ was opened in the United States.


NASDAQ or National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations was a stock exchange operated by the National Association of Securities DealersWhen it started trading on February 8, 1971, NASDAQ was the world's first electronic stock exchangeSince 1999, Nasdac was the largest stock exchange in the United States of America. More than half of the companies that traded in the US were recorded here. NASDAQ consisted of NASDAQ National Market and NASDAQ Small Cap Market. Its main exchanges were located in the United States, with branches in Canada and Japan. NASDAQ also had associations with stock exchanges in Hong Kong and Europe. On July 17, 1995, NASDAQ closed at a level above a thousand points for the first time. The peak occurred on March 10, 2000 on which the index reached 5,048. 62 points. On September 11, 2001, the result of the NASDAQ terrorist attack was closed from 11 to 14 September 2001.



And the last event is that in 2005, it was the announcement of the Israeli-Palestinian ceasefire.

Palestinian leader, Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon at the Egyptian resort of Sharm El-Sheikh on February 8, 2005 announced a ceasefire to end four years of violence in the Middle East. Abbas said that the ceasefire, which began soon, would lead to a "new era of peace and hope". Meanwhile, Sharon vowed to stop military action against Palestinian targets after militants stopped violence. US Secretary of State, Condolezza Rice said that this was the best chance for peace over years. But Sharon and Abbas did not sign a formal ceasefire agreement. Their talks were extensive, including agreements on the release of Palestinian prisoners and the handover of five West Bank cities to Palestinian control. The meeting at the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh was a high-level discussion between the two sides since the Palestinian intifada began more than four years earlier.

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